Global Campaign

Promoting the Global launch of the new Volvo S60. Volvo’s first ever digitally led global campaign – the concept being this new car was Volvo’s first ‘naughty Volvo’ – being sexy, sporty, and fast. A truly integrated campaign where all agencies came together to create a campaign where digital was the main thrust. Featuring various teasers, events, and interactive content tying into the ‘naughty’ concept.

Inviting the audience to watch a series of S60 driving tests – each with a spin – the tests could be ‘dialled up’ via the naughty dial. Asking the user to ‘dial up’ the level of naughtiness they were able to see the S60 perform a typical test i.e. a slalom test, by changing the dial ‘naughtier’ versions of the test were shown – speeding, changing out the props, dangerous driving and so on. The idea being a seamless transition between the normal and the naughty versions of the films. With the 4th – most naughty – level the audience were invited to suggest, via Facebook, how the naughty the final level should be. A voting mechanic enabled people to vote for the best shortlisted suggestions – the final film being the result of what the people voted for.

The site acted as the hub for the campaign, allowing the audience to explore the features of the car, see the collated social feeds about the car, and over time explore more content to promote the new Volvo S60. Including the car launch event which coaxed and recorded people to be naughty via a series of ‘honeytraps’ eliciting naughty behaviour. Through to a guided tour of the design of the car with the chief designers, all in peep show style – even allowing you to leave a voicemail to tell the car what you love about it.


Concept Design
Lead Design
Interaction Design, Animation & Prototyping


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