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This global campaign site promoted the movie tie-in with the Twilight films and Volvo. The audience was invited to explore ‘Lost in Forks’ a puzzle set in the world of the Twilight saga – choose your path, left or right? Shot in the American town of ‘Forks’ – where the Twilight saga is set – presented with a fork in the road the audience can decide to go left or right. The aim – get to the ‘Cullen House’ in the shortest time possible with the chance to win a new Volvo XC60 – the car featured in the film.

Featuring over 33 animated locations with hot spots and hidden ‘easter eggs’ the site was a big success. Integrating Facebook so the audience could discuss clues and tips for each fork – all in different languages dependant on location. The response was phenomenal, with an average time on site around 30 minutes, the fans went wild. Fan pages were setup and in forums across the world discussions debating the tactics, locations, and where the easter eggs could be found. You could even buy maps of the routes on eBay describing the fastest way to the ‘Cullen House’. The site also received critical acclaim, winning several international advertising awards.


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